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Hello! I’m Nivetha, Founder & Emotional Fitness Coach.

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Girls with Dreams, become Women with Vision

As women from various walks of life, we all experience emotions and we relate to them in different ways. There is no one size fits all approach to handling our thoughts and emotions; our approach is as unique as our experiences. Truth is, in every area of life, success and well-being depends on the ability to manage o-u-r thoughts and emotions well (we all know this, but how does it work?).
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What They Say

Grateful for everyone’s kind words.

I met Nivetha several years ago and even then, I could see that she was unique and wonderful. Nivetha has the capacity and willingness to care deeply about the people around her. She sees what others may miss and is unafraid to reach out with authentic kindness and insight. I promise you will feel heard, uplifted and supported whenever Nivetha is in your presence.

Linda Meloche

Growing up, I felt like an extreme introvert and that often limited me from expressing myself. Nivetha approached me with compassion, appreciation and helped me feel comfortable in my vulnerability. She guided me to build confidence, celebrate my true self and carry a mindful approach. Today, I’m a passion-driven author and teacher; I’m so grateful to Nivetha.


Nivetha is very thoughtful and approachable. She walks the talk which makes her approach both authentic and achievable. The biggest breakthrough I experienced through her sessions was learning to prioritize and nurture self-love and self-care every day. This has helped me build stronger relationships, reduce stress and diffuse conflicts with empathy.